At the very end of last year, we undertook an audit of poverty and its impact on school life. You may recall Mr Bramhall talking to you on the playground about the impact of school costs on your finances at home. Following recommendations made in Mr Bramhall’s report, we have decided to:
* Reduce the amount of times we ask families for money. For example,
– we will support our chosen charities over a two year cycle. This year we will be supporting Comic Relief, next year Children In Need. This is so that families do not feel the financial pressure to provide outfits and accessories before Christmas.
– We are also reducing the cost of the disco and trialling the removal of the traditional book fairs.
* We are looking at how we run competitions so that everyone uses the same resources and that every child has equal access to resources.
*We will be selling uniform for a very small amount at Parent’s evening, Fayres, family events and discos.
*We are also investigating further the possibility of providing all pupils with a packed lunch for trips, reducing the cost of music lessons, sports sale of nearly new football boots etc and improving the amount of free clubs.
*We will only be asking for donations for the pre planned events on the school calendar, we will endeavour to list future expenditure on the termly curriculum newsletters.
*You will not be required to find resources for last minute events.
We hope that our Poverty Proofing audit will have a positive impact on the families of our school. The Parent Partnership and School Council have considered the major headlines and fedback very positively. If you have ideas to share we would love to welcome you at the next parent partnership meeting on December 7th.
Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated, as is your feedback as the year unfolds.

Many Thanks,
Kind Regards,

S.E. Walker