Minutes of Full Governing Body meetings covering the wide ranging work are open to all parents and available to view in school. In addition a bi-annual newsletter is shared with families and carers informing them of the work of the governing body.

Members of the governing body can be contacted through the school.

The Governing Body is responsible for the management and direction of the curriculum, conduct of the school and budget. All governors have voting rights within their committee and within the full governing body meeting.

Governors are made up of individuals who are elected and nominated. School Governors work with the Head Teachers and are responsible for setting the strategic development of the school. Meetings are held once a term and committees meet in addition to this.

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Governing Body Membership
Governing Body Membership

Governing Body of Skelton Primary School – Business / Pecuniary Interests
Governing Body

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Committee Structure and Terms of reference
Committee Structure and Terms of reference

Code of Conduct
Code of Practice – 2018

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Governor Handbook

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