Foundation Stage 1

Welcome to FS1


Mrs Chapman, Miss English, Miss Curnow, Ms Beevers, Mrs Simpson and Mrs Welford welcome you to Foundation One. Throughout this page you will find information about your child’s learning as well as important dates for the diary. If you need to contact one of us, please do not hesitate to get in touch at the school door, by email or by contacting the main school office.

Notice Board

Please ensure your child is wearing sensible footwear and no earrings so they can access the outdoor play area safely!
Home Loan Activities – we expect children to take home an activity pack weekly and a book for you to share with your child five times a week.

Welcome to Foundation Stage One!

We are a dedicated, caring and energetic team who view every child as a unique and competent learner. We foster strong and secure relationships where children feel safe and happy to take risks, are confident and capable learners and build the resilience to explore the world and find out new things.
Our effective early years’ curriculum is carefully structured; recognising the different starting points and the individual needs. There are opportunities for children to engage in activities planned by the adults and those they plan and initiate themselves. We observe and respond appropriately to children, informed by the knowledge of ‘how children learn and progress’ through developmental milestones. The rich, stimulating and purposeful learning environment enables children to practice key skills, develop knowledge and understanding of themselves, their community and the wider world.
We strongly believe that children can do anything as long as they have the passion, the drive, the focus and the support!

Big Ideas

Who we are (1 week)
Houses and expectations, ground rules of the year

Time travellers (6 weeks)
History and Art links

Lest we forget (2 weeks)
World War

Let me entertain you! (5 weeks)
Enterprise, community, DT and Science links


Our Changing World (6 Weeks)
(global citizens)
Geography, environment, community, culture links

Animal Magic (6 Weeks)
Geography, Science links
Science week


Faster, higher, stronger! (5 Weeks)
PE, British Values, Olympics, Ancient Greeks
Sports Day!
This unit will repeat every 4 years in line with the Olympic cycle

Music, lights, action (7 Weeks)
Music & performance

FS1 National Curriculum




Useful Links

Development Matters


FS1 Family Welcome