Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to FS2


A very warm welcome from all the Foundation Stage Two team. On this webpage, you will find all the important information about our year group such as key dates, curriculum information and useful information.
We are so excited about the year ahead and cannot wait to begin our learning journey!

Notice Board

PE dates:
Orange 1: Thursday morning
Orange 2: Wednesday morning
Orange 3: Monday morning


Big Ideas

Who we are (1 week)
Houses and expectations, ground rules of the year

Time travellers (6 weeks)
History and Art links

Lest we forget (2 weeks)
World War

Let me entertain you! (5 weeks)
Enterprise, community, DT and Science links


Our Changing World (6 Weeks)
(global citizens)
Geography, environment, community, culture links

Animal Magic (6 Weeks)
Geography, Science links
Science week


Faster, higher, stronger! (5 Weeks)
PE, British Values, Olympics, Ancient Greeks
Sports Day!
This unit will repeat every 4 years in line with the Olympic cycle

Music, lights, action (7 Weeks)
Music & performance

FS2 Curriculum

Early Years: Development Matters

Important Dates

    Thursday 10th October – walk to the high street.
    5th May – 7th May FS2 class assemblies.
    Orange 1: Tuesday 5th May
    Orange 2: Wednesday 6th May
    Orange 3: Thursday 7th May

FS2 Family Welcome