Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to FS2


A very warm welcome from all the Foundation Stage Two team. On this webpage, you will find all the important information about our year group such as key dates, curriculum information and useful information.
We are so excited about the year ahead and cannot wait to begin our learning journey!

Notice Board

PE dates:
Orange 1: Thursday morning
Orange 2: Wednesday morning
Orange 3: Monday morning


Big Ideas
Who Am I? (1 week)
Self-confidence and self-awareness – What’s in a name? What’s special about me?
Managing feelings and behavior – Understanding rules, responsibilities and expectations

Time travellers (6 weeks)
Family and community links

Communication and Language – Who do I belong to? What’s special about me?
People and Communities – Why is my community important to me? has a sense of own family and relations and is aware of lives of people who are familiar to them

The World – notices features in environment, comments and asks questions about where they live
Shape, Space and Measure and Expressive Arts and Designs – Exploring materials, patterns and constructing own buildings

Lest We Forget (2 weeks)
World War and Unicef Links

Communication, Understanding and Being Imaginative – Why did they leave? Where did they go? The Travels of Paddington Bear *refugees
People and Communities – Links to events and experiences of familiar people
The World and Technology – Journey to another place, Control toys

Let me entertain you! (6 weeks)
Self-confidence and Speaking – Perform to an audience and learn lines and songs
People and Community – Community links *Enterprise


Our Changing World (6 Weeks)
(minibeast, plant life and global citizen)

Understanding and The World – Are Eggs Alive? What changes have happened? Local environment, Explore and observe

Technology – Children make book about changes

Animal Magic (6 Weeks)
Understanding and The World – Are all animals pets? Explore, ask and answer questions and notice similarities and differences, Caring for animals
Expressive Arts and Design – Habitats and homes *build and construct, Patterns


Faster, higher, stronger! (5 Weeks)
Physical Development – Who is the fastest…highest…strongest? Physical Development, Olympics, Nursery Sports Day
Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence – Aware of successes and capabilities, Build resilience
The World and People and Communities – Local stadium and athletes

Music, lights, action (7 Weeks)
Expressive Arts and Design (music and dance)
– Music and performance

FS2 Curriculum

Early Years: Development Matters

Important Dates

    20th March Mother’s Day Church service 10 am and Mothers’ Day afternoon Tea 2:15 p.m.
    21st April – Trip to Tweddle Farm
    5th May – 7th May FS2 class assemblies.
    Orange 1: Tuesday 5th May
    Orange 2: Wednesday 6th May
    Orange 3: Thursday 7th May

FS2 Family Welcome