Hello everyone,

Please find attached all of the key documents telling you about plans for the new school year. We will all be back together and much of school life will return to normal. There are just a few vital changes in place to keep our children and staff safe.

The document named Class by Class organisation includes a map and details your child’s entry and exit times, location and more information about the school day itself.

A quick reminder

  • Uniform should be worn everyday (other than PE days when PE kit should be worn, which may include joggers). Comfortable dark shoes including trainers will be acceptable next year.
  • Children can change to school lunches, just please alert the office by phone or email.
  • Children should not bring bags into school.
  • Check your new year group website page for more information.

If you have any questions about any element of provision, please do not worry. Drop me an email and I will do my best to help. headteacher@skeltonprimaryschool.co.uk

Have a lovely summer,

Ms Walker


Skelton Primary School covid-19 risk assessment
1. Covid-19 Class by class organisation
2. Covid-19 Teaching guidance
3. Covid-19 Action plan for symptoms
4. Covid 19 Cleaning
5. Covid 19 Fire
6. Covid 19 Mental Heath support
7. Covid 19 Amendment to key policies incl Good Behaviour

Friday Flyer

Welcome 2020/2021 Presentation