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The 5R Values

Resilient. This is all about being determined to succeed, setting a goal and sticking to it. We aim to foster a willingness to take risks and an acceptance of failure. We take positives from all that we do and learn from our mistakes. We are responsible for our own learning and develop high self-esteem.

Reflective. This is about ensuring the children can look at a situation or piece of work and be able to consider its merits. What was good? What could be better? How can it be improved?

Ready. This is all about instilling readiness in our children and ensuring that they are always prepared to be challenged. Ready to reach their potential and dedicated to learning and being the best that they can be.

Respect. This about kindness and concern and how we all communicate and interact with each other. It is about positivity and showing value to each other and all that we do. We hope to develop children who are kind and considerate and who know how to be empathetic and tolerant.

Responsible. This is all about developing in all of our children an understanding that they are responsible for their actions. We want to develop their ability to make decisions, to plan, to trust, to lead and to make sensible choices. We apply being responsible to how the children work and the achieving all that they are capable of.