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Maths at Skelton

Maths is used every day whether we realise it or not! For example, we check our change when out shopping, estimate the size of a new carpet or decide what time we need to leave the house to get to the train station.

Maths is taught daily and we aim to provide our children with a wide mathematical education taught in an enjoyable, relevant and creative way. We use ‘real life’ experiences so children begin to understand the importance of applying maths skills in order to solve problems and engage them for future learning. Maths is taught daily based on the National Curriculum. Pupils explore all four number operations and are encouraged to try different strategies that best suit their learning building on existing skills and developing their knowledge and understanding.

Pupils explore shape and space and develop their measuring skills in a range of contexts. They are given lots of opportunity to discuss their methods and encouraged to use the appropriate mathematical vocabulary.

We want our children to know and understand mathematical concepts, skills, facts, relationships and strategies and be able to apply and communicate these in a confident way.