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Welcome to Year 2


We would like to warmly welcome you to our Year 2 page. Here, you will find lots of useful information about our curriculum, learning expectations, important dates and some pictures and videos to enjoy. We have a fantastic year of learning ahead and can’t wait to get started!

Big Ideas
Chapter 1—What is umphh? (1 week)
PSHE, Well-Being, Behaviour, Aspirations In week one we want to create a sense of belonging amongst the children to their new class and environment, to learn about expectations for the year, to establish a positive classroom charter, to set targets to
learn about our school and what it means to give a little extra oomph.

Way back when? (6 weeks)
This is the first of two history units we will explore in Year 2. We will be looking at changes to transport, toys, clothes, buildings, music from the 1960’s to today.

Lest we forget (2 weeks)
Remembrance and History and Art
In Year 4 during our topic on Remembrance, we will be exploring Florence Nightingale.

Deck the halls! (5 weeks)
Enterprise, community, DT and Science links
Christmas is a busy time of year and we ensure that we make the most of it by designing, evaluating and making Christmas decorations to sell at the Christmas fayre


What A Wonderful World (6 Weeks)
Geography and Science
This is where we teach the children about the world, what it looks like and how we need to look after it. In Year 2 children explore the United Kingdom and compare it to the wider world.

Lost Worlds (6 Weeks)
This is the second of two history units. In Year 4 the children explore the Great Fire of London.


Faster, higher, stronger! (5 Weeks)
PE, British Values, Olympics, Ancient Greeks
Sports Day!
This unit will repeat every 4 years in line with the Olympic cycle

Can You See Me? (7 Weeks)
PSHE, Music, Performance
An opportunity to reflect on current affairs in the world, our school curriculum and to provide the children exposure to difference especially cultures, ethnicities, races and disabilities. An amazing opportunity to celebrate diversity in the world and educate our children as tolerant and respectful people.

This Is Me (7 Weeks)
This is the transition period in school where children meet the new teachers and prepare for a move. They will celebrate what makes them special and relect on the year and their achievements, current aspirations and next year.

National Curriculum