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Parent Partnership

“Involving parents in their child’s education is an exciting challenge, with excellent benefits for the child, the parents and carers, the school and the local community.”

Leading Parent Partnership

Skelton Primary School Academy was awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) in July 2016.

On 14th July 2016, we were assessed for the Leading Parent Partnership Award. An external verifier spent the day in school, examining the learning environment and portfolio evidence as well as spending time talking to parents, staff and pupils.


The assessor recognised that we are a school that:

“ is very reflective and places parental partnership and engagement as a high priority.”

The LPPA has helped us achieve these long term benefits:

  • Contribute to improved pupil attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress
  • Increase parent participation and involvement
  • Enhance parents’ support in their children’s learning
  • Improved home school communications

The Aims of the LPPA

The LPPA aims to support schools and settings in addressing the areas they find most challenging in terms of parent partnership. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Knowing what you want to achieve through parent partnership.
  • How to make your school or setting genuinely welcoming to parents and carers.
  • How to communicate really effectively with parents and carers.
  • How to get all parents and carers involved with the school – particularly the ‘harder to reach’.
  • How to engage all staff in working effectively with parents and carers.
  • How to support parents and carers so they can really help with their children’s learning.
  • Finding time to plan and organise events and activities to engage parents.
  • Coping with limited physical space and resources.
  • How to best use information and communications technology to enhance parent partnership.
  • Increasing parental engagement in the context of the safeguarding agenda.

Knowing how well you are doing and the impact parent partnership is having on pupils’ and students’ achievement

The LPPA framework promotes the development of effective and sustainable parent partnership through addressing ten key Objectives:
Objective 1 Commitment to working with parents, staff, governors, pupils/students and outside agencies to develop sustainable parent partnership
Objective 2 Effective leadership, management and organisation of parent partnership
Objective 3 Making your school, setting or organisation a communicative and parent-friendly place
Objective 4 Engagement of parents in adult and family learning
Objective 5 Engagement of parents and their children in learning together
Objective 6 Effective induction support for parents when their children are new to a school
Objective 7 High quality information provision to enable parents to support their children’s learning
Objective 8 Parent-friendly policies and consultation strategies to support children’s learning and development
Objective 9 Effective support for parents on their children’s transition to the next stage of learning, training or employment
Objective 10 Monitoring, evaluation and further development of parent partnership

Going through the LLPA process has enabled parents, teachers and governors to feel assured that the individual needs of children and families are being met.

The school values the LPPA award process as a celebration of ‘good practice’ in developing and strengthening parental involvement.

We have high aspirations for parental engagement. Our yearly planner, highlights the planned opportunities for workshops and events throughout the year, where parents and children can celebrate and enjoy learning together. This is proving to be an effective tool resource in encouraging parents to support their own children’s learning.

A variety of initiatives help parents to support their child’s learning at home and in school, such as; curriculum mats and guidance information, matchbox project, class assemblies, website information and so much more!

Parents are well informed of pupil progress with information on individual targets and end of year expectations, set throughout the year, shared during open evening events or in individual reports. Parental feedback and comments are also encouraged throughout the year and analysed to ensure parents are happy with the schools learning ethos, curriculum coverage and homework.

The school had an interim assessment in the Spring Term to identify if we were ready to complete the LPPA award. The Feedback we received is linked to the ten key objectives, as detailed above. Click on the link to see the feedback from the LPPA Assessor, Karen Deen.